Italian Through Opera

This activity does not “study opera,” but through examining operatic texts helps improve Italian language skills, including grammar and correcting the stressing of words.

We are very lucky to have a space and a method to develop our Italian language proficiency in such a creative and innovative way.

Frida, our teacher surprises us with new material, this time while she was in an opera tour, went to Milan and bought a book about The Scala Theatre (IL TEMPIO DELLE MERAVIGLIE).  The book came together with a wonderful CD about the history of this jewel of the musical art.

The masters who performed there along the years, the influence the Theatre has on the city life,

The incredible views, and photos as well as interviews to directors, dancers, singers and musicians turned into a documentary film.

Listening and viewing this marvelous material we travelled from Buenos Aires to Milan the last two meetings on Monday, August 6th and Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Italian through Opera usually meets the first Monday of the month at 10:30 h (AM)