Italian Through Opera

We began our activities back in 2004. The idea to have such a group within the activities of the University Women’s Club came from former president Andrea Ferrarazzo who was tired of learning Italian through grammar! 

This entailed a real challenge to me because I hold a Master Degree in Italian and Linguistics but not in Opera.

Since the group meets once a month it is impossible to develop the four skills in foreign language acquisition: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

Due to the circumstances, we aim at developing Reading and Listening at our monthly meetings.

The title of our program may be misleading to those interested in opera, in as much as we are not analyzing opera. What we do is to approach the Italian language and culture by means of the opera.

Italian through Opera usually meets the first Monday of the month but as an exception,  because of the holiday, we begin our 2018 activities on Monday, April 9th at 10:30 h