Study Groups



1. Book Club

The Book Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month, usually in a member’s home, to discuss agreed-upon books. It is a lively group of avid readers who enjoy reading literary treasures and exchanging opinions on the various topics that arise from the texts. The chosen novels are often selected from among the nominations for literature awards such as the Nobel, Pulitzer or Booker Prizes, but this is by no means exclusive … bestsellers also find their way not infrequently into the repertoire.

2. Italian through opera

This group approaches the Italian language through the lyrics of Italian operas, thus combining a love for Italian, regarded as a very musical language, with that for Opera, considered the most complete musical expression. The participants are triggered to simply absorb the language as part and parcel of the beauty of the music and the lyrics. The meetings are at 10.30 am on the first Monday of each month.

3. Spanish thru experience

The Spanish through experience program is a means for non-Spanish speakers to practice listening to and speaking the language through visits to museums, exhibitions, art galleries, acting workshops and other sites of cultural interest. The program takes place on the second Wednesday every month and is followed by the traditional cup of tea in a nearby cafe.

4. Writers’ Workshop

The Writers’ Workshop meets once a month over a cup of tea to share written works or merely listen and take part in the ensuing discussions. In 2006 the UWC published two booklets of short stories, poems and essays by members of the Writers’ Workshop. Every month we present a short piece of writing in the Scribblers column of the UWC Bulletin.

5. UWC meets Teatro Colón

This exciting new group, starting up in 2016, will take a guided look at the historical context of selected operas from the current season at the Teatro Colón and delve into a psychological analysis of the female characters as mother figures and as lovers, all illustrated with video performances. It will also cover the topic of women in opera as singers, as performers. The group will meet on the third Monday of each month at 3pm. Sessions will be conducted in Spanish.

6. Literary Masters

This group will follow a guided tour through the work of masters of (British) literary style, starting with William Shakespeare, to mark the 400 years since his death. Beginning with Macbeth, Vivien Lane will provide background and context, examining how Shakespeare used classical tragedy and adapted it to suit his purposes. The group will meet on the third Thursday of each month.