Special Activities

The Special Activities Committee plans and organizes informative events appealing to a cross-section of the Club’s membership. These can include guided tours to museums, art exhibitions and historical buildings as well as other places of interest that showcase Argentina and Latin America in general from a cultural perspective, in particular those linked with the role of women.

One of the highlights of 2015 was the UWC’s visit to the new CABA City Hall headquarters, seen here with Arquitect Juan Frigerio of Foster + Partners.

In 2016 the first activity organized by Special Activities wass a guided tour of the Supreme Court of Justice on Thursday, May 12.


Visit to the Supreme Court of Justice

Through the good offices of our Vice President, Monica Plou, and as part of our Special Activities program organized by Elena Catena, UWC members were invited by Elena Highton de Nolasco, Vice President of the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina, to visit the premises of the Supreme Court on Thursday, May 12th, 2016.

Justice Highton is the first woman to be sworn in as a Justice on Argentina’s Supreme Court under a democratically elected government. She is also widely regarded as a champion of women’s rights issues throughout the region, promoting access to justice for women, and has headed a commission on domestic violence.

The visit was a unique opportunity for members and guests to meet this distinguished Supreme Court Justice in person, to learn more about the inside workings of the Supreme Court and appreciate from close up the stunning beauty of the emblematic Palacio de Justicia. Some 38 members of the UWC and their guests attended this tour, pictured here with Justice Highton center.