Social Responsibility


The UWC embraces social responsibility and believes in utilizing its resources, including the will and expertise of its members, to further not only their charitable interests, but also the welfare and interests of the broader community. The club has created a forum for members to share their interests through the newsletter, email, the membership directory, and through personal interaction.

El Pingo

Conscious of the need to strengthen rural education throughout the country, several years ago we became members of APAER (Asociación Civil Padrinos de Alumnos y Escuelas Rurales). Through this organization we sponsor the Escuela Primaria No. 120 “República Dominicana” in El Pingo, Province of Entre Ríos by donating educational materials and within our possibilities, meeting other needs of the school.  Three years ago we donated an industrial stove for the school kitchen, enabling the staff to provide a hot meal for the children at lunchtime. The following year we donated all the utensils needed for the lunch tables. In 2015 a group of UWC members visited El Pingo.

Please visit our picture gallery with the messages from the kids of El Pingo: