Ambassador Mark Kent


November 21st luncheon: The UWC has an unwritten tradition of closing the year with a musical program, this year is no exception. The program brought to you by Nestor Omar Tadesco will consist of popular Argentine airs: the Chacarera, Samba, Gato, and Malambo, then three Astor Piazzola selections Adios Nonino, Oblivion, and Libertango.

This is the second time we have the pleasure of hearing the students of the Orchestra de Los Barrios under Nestor’s leadership. He is here as co-founder of the youth orchestra program in which the city government provides the instruments for the students. This youth program was started in 1999 and is currently functioning in Villa Lugano, Flores, Villa 31 and Mataderos to name a few locations.

Nestor is proud of this social program reminding us how worthwhile it is for children to have the opportunity to work together, be responsible, learn to depend on each other, support each other in cooperative groups and create a sound in harmony with their fellow students. Nestor is convinced that the children become better human beings and citizens because of their experience in an orchestra.

Studies have shown that learning a musical instrument is a whole brain function. It appears to be the only human activity in which every part of the brain is active at once, therefore many educators are interested in keeping music education in schools as well as expanding the program.

Nestor received a Master’s in Music from the University of Columbia, Missouri in the US and a Fulbright scholarship. For the past 34 years he has been a violoncellist with the permanent Colon Theater Orchestra and a teacher at the National University of the Arts. Check out Nestor’s Facebook page for more information and to hear him play.

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