Mauro Di Bert, tenor

Speakers 2016

March 15 Dr Norma González “The Fulbright Scholarship in its 70th Anniversary” April 19 Architect Juan Frigerio “Foster and Partners: Space and Light’” May 17 Gabriela Terminielli, Vice-President of Vital Voices Argentina “Invest in women, improve the world”

June 21 Frédéric Vacheron, Director of the UNESCO Villa Ocampo Program in Argentina “Villa Ocampo: a tool for international cooperation and intercultural dialogue”

July 19 Adrian Bono, Founder and CEO of the online newspaper The Bubble spoke on “New Global Challenges of Journalism.” August 16 Dr Conrado Estol, renowned neurologist specializing in strokes, spoke on “CV accidents are the first cause of death  among women worldwide…but can be successfully prevented. How?”

September 20 Honorable Ambassador Martin de la Beij, the Netherlands Ambassador to Argentina, spoke on “Argentina and the Netherlands: How water connects our countries.” 

October 18: Marina Díaz Ibarra, Country Director of Mercado Libre  gave a talk on “Across borders: The case of MercadoLibre and the future of E-commerce in Latin America.”

November 15  Musical program: tenor, Mauro Di Bert will sing a selection of Argentine folklore for the UWC.