Tuesday, July 16th , 2019  at 11:45 AM. Dr. Juan Pablo Artinian is an Argentine historian whose research on the Armenian Genocide covers not only its root causes and terrifying effects, but offers insight into the processes which unfortunately and cruelly bring about genocidal actions. For articles on the topic, recently published locally by Juan Pablo , please refer to: 

PUR SANG, Avda. Quintana 191, CABA. 

  Tuesday, June 18th, 2019  at 11:45 AM  .

PUR SANG, Avda. Quintana 191, CABA.


  Tuesday, May 21st  at 11:45 AM Sarah Spronk is a Dutch career diplomat, currently stationed in Buenos Aires, who will expand on her expertise in female reproductive health and choices. Her work on a Task force on gender equality and women’s rights, and her professional experience in South-East Asia and Latin America promise a broad insight into these issues.

PUR SANG, Avda. Quintana 191, CABA.


  Tuesday, April 235d  at 11:45 AM Dr. Eliana Santanatoglia will engage us in an exercise of philosophical ponderings with her expertise on the continuing relevance of David Hume, one of the most enlightened  thinkers of the modern Anglo-Saxon world. We are reminded that while we can’t ever behold the full truth, we should nevertheless, always try to pursue it.



  March 26th  at 11:45 AM: UWC starts the year with Ireland’s head of its Diplomatic Mission in Argentina, Her Excellency, Ambassador Jackie O’Halloran who will give us an account on what it takes and means for women to hold the plenipotentiary role of representing their country at the other end of the world. We are looking forward to a numerous turn-out and PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW-OLD VENUE: WE ARE RETURNIGN TO PUR SANG, Avda. Quintana 191, CABA.


 November   20th at 11:30 AMUWC closes the year with the Annual General Assembly – please arrive by 11:30 AM sharp – followed by the luncheon and our traditional musical surprise.

This year’s program of music touches the senses as well as the soul through classic melodies that continue to endure through time and the rapid advancement of technology and communication. July – a UWC member –  and her group will perform well known jazz standards. We will then end the program with a holiday tune to set us all in the holiday spirit.

October 16th at 12:15 h sharp:
Our speaker for the October 2018   luncheon is Santiago Bilinkis, an entrepreneur and technologist. As a businessperson, he was co-founder and CEO of Officenet, the largest office supplies dealer in Argentina and Brazil, acquired by Staples Inc. in 2004. He also co-founded several other companies, including Wanako Studios, Restorando, and Trocafone. Santiago is now a Founding Partner at Quasar Builders, a tech company builder. He is very active in the non-profit sector as well, having served as a Board member to NGOs such as Endeavor, CIPPEC and Chequeado.
As a keynote speaker, he gave numerous speeches at universities such as MIT Sloan School of Management and Harvard Business School, and for many companies and governmental entities. Santiago was one of the organizers of the first TEDxBuenosAires and is currently organizing TEDxRiodelaPlata.
Santiago graduated with Gold Medal in Economics at San Andrés University.


PLEASE SIGN IN AT PALACIO BALCARCE BY 11:45h, Santiago will give his presentation before lunch is served. “Coffee-only” option is not available this time.


September 18th:
Emily Sarah Hersh is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she serves as Managing Partner of DCDB Group and Director of BEAM Lithium.
Emily is the co-host of the popular Global Lithium Podcast. Emily manages projects in South America for companies in the mining, energy, oil and gas industries. She has worked extensively in evaluating supply chain and compliance in the physical gold space. Her specialization in lithium includes due diligence associated with country risk assessment and analyzing challenges in rural and off-grid sites. She was responsible for assessing off grid and hybrid project development in South America for a Swiss lithium battery manufacturer.


August 21st:
Barbara Grünenfelder has a Ph.D in cultural anthropology and has taught undergraduate and graduate students the “multiplication tables” of gender, sex, and sexuality. She has advised agricultural extension agents, security personnel, medical and law professionals – among others – on the importance of conceptually and methodologically separating sex and gender in their daily work lives [no pun intended]. Her ethnographic research in the Andes, and her academic interests in questions of ideology (religious and otherwise) have informed her theoretical understanding of gender as a process, not just a static and immutable category based on the biological characteristics of a human being. Research into the ethnographically documented variety of sexual ideologies and the marital laws and mores of non-western cultures helped anthropologists reform popular and “scientific” concepts, based on aristotelian duality, which relegate non-heterosexual behavior, and “transsexual” and “transgender” people to the realm of “the other.”

NEW VENUE: “PALACIO BALCARCE” Quintana 161, Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

July 17th: 
Jaqueline Pels is professor of marketing at the University Torcuato Di Tella Business School, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her research experience is in the areas of inclusive business, emerging economies, marketing theory, and the relationship between ecology, marketing, and consumer behavior.
Her work draws attention to the importance for business practices to be in tune with our planet’s increasingly complex ecosystems and their fragile balance. This also includes directing marketing efforts to acknowledge and address the socio-economic inequalities existing among consumers, especially in emerging markets.

NEW VENUE: “PALACIO BALCARCE” Quintana 161, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

 June 19th: Guillermina Lazzaro has always been passionate about the changes that civil society can make. She has been leading Ronald McDonald House Charities in Argentina as Executive Director since 2013.  She is also a member of the RMHC Global Advisory Council. The mission of the RMcD House is to provide affordable lodging to families near the hospitals where their children are in-patients or are undergoing long treatments. The organization enables family members who live far from the hospitals pay regular visits to their children during medical treatment.

Guillermina Lazzaro teaches “Civil Society Organizations” in a Political Science Degree at Universidad Austral, and she sits on the advisory board of a women’s empowerment organization. In addition, Guillermina holds membership in various advocacy groups.

NEW VENUE: “PALACIO BALCARCE” Quintana 161, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

May 15th:  Finnish Ambassador Teemu Turunen is going to discuss  the current Finnish education system which has served as a fascinating, much debated, and inspiring topic for specialists and the general public alike. What are the effects of paying teacher excellent wages, letting them decide on curricular content, and  giving children time to play and roam ? We shall find out fascinating details about educational methods and policy strategies in a country that has emerged as a leader in the field.

NEW VENUE: “PALACIO BALCARCE” Quintana 161, Recoleta, Buenos Aires,

April 17th:  Eduardo Weber is an internet blockchain pioneer and will bring us up to date on the rapidly accelerating world of cryptocurrencies. Eduardo will speak to us about blockchain, the technology propelling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium that have taken the stock market by storm.

NEW VENUE: “PALACIO BALCARCE” Quintana 161, Recoleta, Buenos Aires





  March 20th Elena Inés Highton, Vice-       President of Argentina’s Supreme Court of Justice, and responsible Magistrate for the Office of Domestic Violence, will be the opening speaker for the year 2018, during the Month of March, when we celebrate Women’s achievements in society and reflect on the many areas where gender based inequality, discrimination, and violence still persist.

 NEW VENUE: “PALACIO BALCARCE”      Quintana 161, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Speakers 2017

November 21st luncheon: The UWC has an unwritten tradition of closing the year with a musical program, this year is no exception. The program brought to you by Nestor Omar Tadesco will consist of popular Argentine airs: the Chacarera, Samba, Gato, and Malambo, then three Astor Piazzola selections Adios Nonino, Oblivion, and Libertango.

This is the second time we have the pleasure of hearing the students of the Orchestra de Los Barrios under Nestor’s leadership. He is here as co-founder of the youth orchestra program in which the city government provides the instruments for the students. This youth program was started in 1999 and is currently functioning in Villa Lugano, Flores, Villa 31 and Mataderos to name a few locations.

Nestor is proud of this social program reminding us how worthwhile it is for children to have the opportunity to work together, be responsible, learn to depend on each other, support each other in cooperative groups and create a sound in harmony with their fellow students. Nestor is convinced that the children become better human beings and citizens because of their experience in an orchestra.

Studies have shown that learning a musical instrument is a whole brain function. It appears to be the only human activity in which every part of the brain is active at once, therefore many educators are interested in keeping music education in schools as well as expanding the program.

Nestor received a Master’s in Music from the University of Columbia, Missouri in the US and a Fulbright scholarship. For the past 34 years he has been a violoncellist with the permanent Colon Theater Orchestra and a teacher at the National University of the Arts. Check out Nestor’s Facebook page for more information and to hear him play.

October luncheon: Valeria Di Fiori spoke on Investing in Women: IFC and Greater Equality in the Southern Cone.

September luncheon: Amb. Mark Kent spoke on  Diplomacy, Darwinism, and Development.

August luncheon: Victoria Noorthoorn spoke on The Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires: Trajectory & Transformation 2013-2019.

July luncheon:  Corporate lawyer Patricia López Aufranc spoke on Understanding the Gender Gap,

June luncheon:  Sofía Weil de Speroni, spoke on Invitation to the Unexpected.

May luncheon:  Cristina Pérez spoke on Dreaming Shakespeare “Such stuff as dreams are made on…” 

April luncheon: Juan María Segura  spoke on Education Crossroads: Problem or Trait?

March luncheon: Richard Barlow spoke on Learning with my Heart: A British Diplomat’s Experience. 


Mauro Di Bert, tenor

Speakers 2016

March 15 Dr Norma González “The Fulbright Scholarship in its 70th Anniversary”

April 19 Architect Juan Frigerio “Foster and Partners: Space and Light’”

May 17 Gabriela Terminielli, Vice-President of Vital Voices Argentina “Invest in women, improve the world”

June 21 Frédéric Vacheron, Director of the UNESCO Villa Ocampo Program in Argentina “Villa Ocampo: a tool for international cooperation and intercultural dialogue”

July 19 Adrian Bono, Founder and CEO of the online newspaper The Bubble spoke on “New Global Challenges of Journalism.” August 16 Dr Conrado Estol, renowned neurologist specializing in strokes, spoke on “CV accidents are the first cause of death  among women worldwide…but can be successfully prevented. How?”

September 20 Honorable Ambassador Martin de la Beij, the Netherlands Ambassador to Argentina, spoke on “Argentina and the Netherlands: How water connects our countries.” 

October 18: Marina Díaz Ibarra, Country Director of Mercado Libre  gave a talk on “Across borders: The case of MercadoLibre and the future of E-commerce in Latin America.”

November 15  Musical program: tenor, Mauro Di Bert sang a selection of Argentine folklore for the UWC.

U.S. Ambassador Noah Mamet with UWC President 2015 Kathryn Powe

Speakers 2015
Luis Rosales speaking on his book “Francis, a Pope for our Time”
Dr. Francisco J. Barrantes
“Milestones in Brain Matters”
Valerie Taylor
“The Illustrated Credenza”
Dr. Andrés Borenstein
“Argentina, the country that never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity: is it different this time?”
John Hunter
“The ABCC (Argentine-British Community Council) 75 years on and the future”
John Murphy
“Coca-Cola: A young and optimistic 128-year-old”
Ambassador Noah B. Mamet
Paula Marra
“Matriarca, an encounter of cultures: An approach to local development in yellow rural areas”


Guest speaker Ambassador Rogelio Pfirter   Director General  of the Organization for  the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons  which won the Nobel Price that year, with UWC 2014 President Isabel de La Torre and Guest Table.

Speakers 2014
Ambassador Rogelio Francisco Emilio Pfirter
“Present Challenges to International Security”
María Soledad Constantini
“Following the thread through Literature”
Merriweather Beatty
“Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings: The Missing Piece”
Daniel Becker
“Between History and Modernity: The Case of the Bicentenary Cultural Center (ex Central Post Office) and the Bicentenary Museum (ex Taylor Customs)”
Piroska Csúri
“Photographs of us, photographs of others; Portraits, self-portraits and photography technology”
Belén Carballo
“Weaving in the Dry Forest, a Textile Tradition”
Dr. Federico Sturzenegger
“Values, Valor and Volatility in Argentine Politics”