What is “¡Hola Buenos Aires!”?


Since 1989, the UWC has published ¡Hola Buenos Aires! a practical guide for newcomers that covers all areas of life in the city, with topics as varied as having a baby, employing staff and choosing schools, to culture shock and tango. We would like to thank the volunteers from the UWC who over the years offered their time, research and personal experiences to make one of the Club’s most valuable assets. Six printed editions have been published over the decades, the last being in 2003. Original sketches by Heather Wasaff were added in the 4th edition, adding beauty to the practical nature of the guide as may be appreciated from the cover illustration seen here.

By 2011 the publication had become outdated and so with the Club’s approval, Michal Leon took on the task of updating it and converting it into an e-book. Again, with the help of many members of the Club, this project was successfully completed and the e-version is now available on amazon and through other e-booksellers.

The printed version of the book was never sold for profit and the printing costs were covered by donations. As an e-book, there are no printing costs, but via HELPARGENTINA proceeds go to APAER, an NGO that sponsors disadvantaged rural schools throughout Argentina, and one with which the UWC has a longstanding relationship since 2002 through its sponsorship of the El Pingo school in the Province of Entre Ríos.

Many thanks to all those absent and present who over the years have contributed their time and energy to ¡Hola Buenos Aires!