The University Women’s Club of Buenos Aires is a self-governing organization whose purpose is to further cultural and educational interests among “English-speaking women who are graduates of universities, colleges or institutions of higher learning accredited by their respective countries, or women who have satisfactorily completed two years of study in any of them”.

Thirty-five women representing twenty-eight U.S. colleges and universities founded the Club in May 1935, with the small group of women who met together from 1930 to 1934 forming its nucleus. The organization was provisionally chartered as the Buenos Aires branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Three years later, the Federación Argentina de Mujeres Universitarias (FAMU) was officially chartered as a chapter of the International Federation of University Women. In 1940, the AAUW branch was reconstituted as the University Women’s Club and membership was extended on an international basis.

Today the membership of the University Women’s Club of Buenos Aires represents numerous nationalities.

Multiculturalism, the acceptance of diversity, and the practice of personal tolerance are part of the Club’s foundation. For eighty years, this mix of permanent and temporary residents has given the Club its unique blend of internationalism rooted in the culture of Argentina.



1935-38 Mrs. Bernard L. Beckwith*

1938-39 Mrs. Claus W. Doelling*

1939-40 Mrs. W. W. Dunn



1940 Mrs. Oscar Pando

1941-42 Mrs. H. C. Rickard

1943 Mrs. Williams Dixon

1944 Mrs. Rufus H. Emery*

1945 Mrs. Oscar Pando

1946 Mrs. A. S. Millard

1947 Mrs. James Butler

1948 Mrs. Fred Aden*

1949 Mrs. C. K. Stoeppler

1950 Mrs. A. J. Merson

1951 Mrs. Carl von dem Bussche* / Mrs. John M. Norris

1952 Mrs. Alberto Marx

1953 Mrs. A. C. Wilkinson

1954 Mrs. John A. Hopkins

1955 Mrs. Thomas Aitken Jr.

1956 Mrs. Durward V. Sandiler / Mrs. Enrique Zanetti

1957 Mrs. Jan Van As

1958 Mrs. John N. Norris

1959 Mrs. W. H. Bilfeldt

1960 Mrs. Harold A. Stewart

1961 Mrs. Alberto Lagomarsino

1962 Mrs. Manfred Hasse

1963 Mrs. A. L. S. Van Heel

1964 Mrs. Lewis Hill Fremont

1965 Mrs. Elwood Folsom

1966 Mrs. Elwood Folsom / Mrs. Thomas Alden

1967 Mrs. Thomas Alden

1968 Mrs. John S. Nagel / Mrs. William H. Rodgers

1969 Mrs. Richard L. Brewster

1970 Mrs. Jorge Burlo

1971 Mrs. George Love / Mrs. Jorge Bosch**

1972 Mrs. Jorge Bosch

1973 Mrs. Jeffrey Morby

1974 Mrs. John Alcock

1975 Mrs. Alberto Padilla

1976 Mrs. Frank Shasha

1977-78 Mrs. Peter Van Schaardenburg

1979 Mrs. Noubar Agopovitch

1980 Mrs. Carlos Lubary

1981 Margaret Iölster

1982 Frances Furmento

1983 Marta Fuchs

1984 Jeanne Kovas

1985 Nancy Derr

1986 Maria Rosa Braile

1987 Shirley Tanco

1988 Sylvia Berglund

1989 Barbara DePoli

1990 Connie Gilmore

1991 Bridget Bowen

1992 Elgen van den Elsakker

1993 Shaké Balian-Djordjalian

1994 Carin Gil**

1995 Julia Verrion

1996 Susanne van den Berg

1997 Leigh Fisher

1998 Andrea Ferrarazzo

1999 Hellena Postrk / Suzanne Lambeth

2000 Suzanne Lambeth

2001 Luz Etchemendigaray

2002 Priscilla Plummer Macy / Carol Diamondstein

2003 Elena Catena

2004 Rebecca Hagans / Elena Manzitti de López

2005 Elena Manzitti de López

2006 Kathleen Hall

2007 Sue Littleton

2008 Cecily Viall / Charmian Brainwood

2009 Bonnie Ridley Kraft

2010-11 Patricia Caviezel

2012 Joanna Richardson

2013-14 María Isabel de la Torre

2015 Kathryn Power

2016 Phyllis Barrantes

*Founding Member

**Honorary Members



Shaké Balian



Lily Alhadeff – María Inés Alvarez – M. Rosa Braile

Ruth Chiaraviglio – Waltraut Fuld

Frances Furmento – Maria Klein – Norma Montelatici Felcher

Christine Moore – Eva Sebesteyen – Grace Tripp