Dr Valerie Hindle giving her talk on Stressed and Loving it!

Continuing Education


Expanding our knowledge on a permanent basis is a fundamental part of the UWC philosophy. Taking advantage of the professional expertise among the Club’s membership and their contacts, the Continuing Education Committee organizes several workshops every year on a wide variety of stimulating topics of general interest, particularly to women. Workshops given by and for UWC members include:

  • Stressed and Loving it by Valerie Hindle
  • The Keys under your Skin by Mariel Birnbaumer
  • Changing Codes and Values: Where am I? by Carol Diamondstein
  • Habitat for Humanity by Connie Ledesma
  • An introduction to the four fields of anthropology by Barbara Grünenfelder-Elliker


Dr Valerie Hindle giving her talk on Stressed and Loving it!

August 2018 meeting




On Thursday, August 23rd, during an evening meeting, molecular biologist, Inés Fernández Avendaño will introduce us to the intricacies and complexities of the fast changing field of Clinical trials. Her talk, entitled: “From clinical trials to tailor-made health care: General and personalized medical research in the 21st century” will explain basic principles and methods of such trials, and how big data enables  medical science to develop personalized medications and treatments.


Time : 18:30 h 


New venue: get that information from Christine Clark or email:








Dr Valerie Hindle giving her talk on Stressed and Loving it!

May 2018 meeting


On Thursday, May 24th, come hear Willow’s talk and slide show on the Argentine Invasion of California: Terror struck the coast of Alta California as Bouchard sailed north. Blood was spilled, towns looted, pirate joy was everywhere. Monterey, the capital of Alta California, was taken by force. Bouchard and his men seized more than 20 pieces of artillery, rescued an Argentine warship, and imprisoned Spanish sailors and soldiers from the Cuartel of Monterey. More than 25 enemy ships were set afire, administering the kiss of death to Spanish commerce in its colonial possessions. The newly-created Argentine flag was flown triumphantly. It was certainly a memorable cruise. 

Contact information: u.w.c.cont.ed@gmail.com