Art Show

Some members of the UWC have chosen a parallel path in art, learning from the exchange of ideas and fostering friendship. An original idea of UWC member María Rosa Braile, the group has given up time and energy without interruption since 2002 to put on an annual Art Show of their works, organized at prestigious premises like the Centro Cultural Borges, Museo Metropolitano, Bolsa de Comercio and for the last five years, El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore. Among the organizers have been curator Alina Tortosa, journalist Micaela Meyer, artists Taty Rybak, Phoebe Webb, Graciela Dumont, Alicia Magide, Patricia Caviziel and our current curator María Rosa Braile. As from 2015, the group meets several times during the year to share ideas about the preparation for the event which is generally opened with a vernissage and always draws an interesting crowd of members and guests.