From March through November UWC offers a wide range of activities and study groups designed to address the interests and needs of its membership. We are always open to suggestions for new activities, so please contact us with your ideas. As a rule of thumb our activities and study groups use the English language, except of course in the case of specific language study groups.


For August 2018 UWC featured a very special event:


“The “Orquesta de los Barrios” is an ensemble of young players who love music and aim for a high artistic quality. They strike a delicate balance between the high level achieved by the performers and their rich, spontaneous musical offer: “From Bach to Super Mario Brosversion 1.0 is a thrilling voyage covering the most significant music genres of all times to confirm what we all suspected: music is in every human endeavor; life is music! The “Orquesta de los Barrios” has the full range of instruments (string, woodwind, brass and percussion), enabling it to interpret symphonic pieces of all genres. In this particular performance of “From Bach to Super Mario Bros version 1.0″ we  listened to Bach, Beethoven, the Beatles, film music (Toy Story, Galaxy Wars, The Lord of the Rings), Charly Garcia-Spinetta, Queen and videogames music!” 

Nestor Tedesco, Director, Orquesta de los Barrios. MM

University of Columbia, USA.

Violioncellista, Orquesta Estable del Teatro Colón